New Cars of 2016: The Hottest Trends


He was ever in the news quite a lot lately on making 2015 the best year for U.S. auto sales. The U.S. auto industry to keep as much of the manufacturing sector, which is struggling for life in less than a decade ago. Well, he rebounded at an all-time-high. However, those who do not have enough statistics that 2015 is a great year for new cars on Board, with automakers to record in any nation to sell or close to record amounts. Part of this boom return to some semblance of economic stability after the global economic downturn of 2008, but this is due to that sectors more dependent on their consumers than ever before. Adaptability and innovation 2015 is still at full speed in 2016 with this hot trend for new cars.

Safety First

Safety, of course, is always an important aspect of the industry. Now, however, technological innovation makes it easier than ever integration with confidence without driver enjoyment. While we vehicles probably a couple of years fully automated power technology on which it is based, is already included in current models. New cars in 2016 will be worth it before proceeding with this envelope, with motion sensor technology, which automatically brakes or stops the car when hitting at once. Additional security features are designed in order to take into account the driver. For example, some manufacturers equip their products with the “tiny mode” to limit parents ‘ audio system to use, for example, studies of the correlation between loud music and the new drivers show the resulting accidents. With youth fashion, children, I hope they concentrate more on the road.

Goodbye Devourer Fuel

Expect to improve fuel economy. Some analysts might. careful breaking in this moment, and it is possible that the recent sharp drop in gasoline prices can affect the sales of new cars in a short time More time needed for design, engineering and production are not sync with short-term voltage really dips and spikes in the oil market. The fact that climate change is moving the environmental edge to the front and center of international political debate. In the United States, the national administration of road safety has with EPA, crafts, Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards, which require to beat all automakers, the average mpg targets for all models (within a particular class, i.e. passenger cars, light trucks, heavy trucks). Thus, while low gas prices may temporarily cheaper guzzler of fuel, the trend will move in the direction of fuel economy.

All Connected

Wireless communication is here to stay. New cars come with standard Bluetooth connectivity, a cloud-based entertainment syncs with all devices and smart technology that learns as you drive. Mobile broadband will also improve safety and fuel economy than the vehicles are capable of large amounts of data from different sources.

If you hold yourself for a new ride in 2016, watch for these hot new trends!


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