Employment Trends In The Environmental Industries – Clean Energy Is Going Strong


Environmental entrepreneurs, the national group of the party of independent entrepreneurs and investors for environmental policy, discussed his clean energy talk of jobs. The organization believes that clean energy and clean transportation projects is a major factor in the American job creation and ultimately economic growth.

This is a very important result, which is great for all those looking for a Position in the field. Employment is strong because of the projects in 2015 and 2016 in the 22 States that produce nearly 10 500 jobs.

· 8,826 Position in the renewable energy sector show that the greatest number according to 6,450 for the production of Solar -, 2,183 for the production of wind-and 193 for biofuels. A large part of this growth due to the favorable policy of the government and the cost of the materials. The production of modern vehicles, as well as the Solar and wind energy technologies were 1,075 holes with 570 jobs in other industries, such as the processing and smart grids.

· With 2,164 jobs in Texas the list of States with the largest number of jobs. Nevada, on the second with 1,900 positions, and California, and the third was came up with 1200. Other States in the Top TEN list of employment is in Utah, North Carolina, Kansas, Arkansas, Colorado and Virginia (tied), and Nebraska.

· Interestingly, Michigan, which will appear consistently on this list, including the fifth-place ranking in the first quarter of 2015, and disappeared. This happened mainly through the state to repair the legislator energy Standards threaten.

· Large-scale projects in Texas include the two new wind farms produce almost 402 megawatts of electricity and 300 positions in a new plant for the production of wind turbines in Amarillo.

· In Nevada, three solar parks for the production of 134 MW, 150 MW, 200 MW, add 1,900 construction. They produce enough clean energy for 132,000 residences. These projects are remarkable in that they built on public lands in the dry Zone of the lake by solar energy. These countries are part of the 19 solar energy zones in the year 2013 in six Western States. They boast “a high potential for the development of the energy industry, but minimal harmful effects”. The companies interested in the development of projects in these countries, you faster permissions for certain types of plans. Instead of the usual 18 months, the approval took only 10 months

· Companies, in General, not in connection with the production of energy and the provision of possibilities for environmental work in the context of such initiatives, such as most or all of their energy infrastructure (such as Server data, the use of renewable energies. To do this, Apple, Facebook and Amazon. For example, Amazon has announced that it is planning, the power of the Northern data centers in Virginia, with the energy of the new 80-Megawatt solar plant in Virginia, which is the largest Solar state of the project. The construction of the object is a 300 to 400 Position and add five jobs with full employment, when completed.

If you are interested in further information, you can find these and/or other employment opportunities in other areas, there are many resources available through recruitment agencies, which will give you a direction.


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