Almost Half of IT Service Companies Will Move to Cloud Technology by 2015


Cloud Computing is experts as the next step in the Evolution and more companies are considering various deployment scenarios treated, but only very few of them have a comprehensive strategy to guide you. Research the FSC confirms this and shows that in the world only 5% of companies have a strategy for the long-term cloud Computing and only 20% of them have the necessary resources for the development of such a strategy.

In the unpredictable economic environment of the IT infrastructure to support a pressure-Sensing scope of services and applications for cheaper solutions based on cloud Computing delivery model offers a more affordable and offer your company greater flexibility in carrying out their daily activities. To recognise more and more companies the advantages of cloud Computing. So, the latest study by HP shows that the managers in companies all over the world believe that by 2015, 18% in IT Services are delivered to public cloud solutions, and 28% via a private cloud. So, almost half of the companies in the service of the economy, be moved “in the cloud”, some serious changes in comparison to the traditional IT-infrastructure that exist at the time.

Properly, the project cloud came Computing is a very effective way to keep the costs under control and to set, lighter, and faster Top Service. This technology is a suitable solution, but just another way for companies to increase the efficiency, a certain part of their daily work. After all, some services may be delivered by the best in the house, in a traditional environment and the highest level of performance, some of them moved to the cloud is outsourced. So the most important thing is that each company analyze and determine your needs and the type of environment, suitable for internal solutions. HP has found that often the right solution is the hybrid approach of the provision of services by the existing technological architecture of cloud solutions.

Step of HP in the areas of cloud Computing consists of four stages-approach in the development of a strategy implementation of the IT-Services according to the assessment of the environmental status, the existing services of the project planning, implementation and management.

Recently, HP has two new services and consulting for hybrid deployments, the availability of your resources for the processing and the quality of the applications and Services.

The Hybrid strategy, the performance of HP need provides you all the Details to make an informed decision and a structure, the introduction of a series of Hybrid concepts, the performance of the services in the existing technological environments. In the meantime, Hybrid delivery, and analysis of Workload analyzed enterprise applications, the compatibility of their work with a hybrid environment. Thanks to the unique Portfolio of analysis Software, HP experts gather data on the profile of the user and the needs of society, on the Basis of which you can then develop to combine a series of recommendations for the best possible way to different levels of activity, so it can work in Hybrid environments.


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